All Things Baby: Why Sheepskin is a Must for your New Baby

New arrival in the family? 

Hearing the pitter-patter of baby feet? Weekends booked up with Baby Showers and all out of gift ideas for baby? If there’s a new little heart beat joining the family soon, then our range of sheepskin baby pram liners, sheepskin play rugs and sheepskin flat bears will be top of your list!  

Here at Wild Wool, we know our A-grade Merino wool is the best thing since sliced bread! And, our customers (young and old) do too!

Sheepskin is a natural choice for babies, and here's why. Universally, the use of genuine sheepskins within homes is an ancient phenomenon. Sheepskin is nature’s most resilient and comforting natural resource. As a natural ventilator and insulator, our luxurious sheepskins are soft, hollow, miracle fibres that play an integral role in the stabilising body temperature within the bodies of bubs from the scorching shores of Australia to the slopes of the Swiss Alps.

Genuine Australian sheepskin, such as ours, has moisture wicking and temperature regulating properties that allow this breathable skin to regulate its microclimate. The wool’s ability to regulate body temperature – in any climate – has priceless health benefits for all users; in particular, our precious bundles of joy.

Temperature regulation within the body ultimately promotes the regulation of blood pressure - a fundamental aspect of overall health and wellbeing.

The thick fibre density of our A-grade sheepskins cushions the body – providing optimal support and evenly distributing weight on pressure points to prevent muscle strain so our little ones can thrive!

Our sheepskin accessories for babies are fully machine washable, which is a huge draw card for parents who know what its like to be constantly cleaning up after bub. 

Studies show that genuine sheepskin also improves the quality of sleep, reduces sickness as its properties deter bacteria and potentially harmful pathogens, and the lanolin is an amazing moisture reservoir for skin – moisturising it from the outside and stimulating it to moisturise itself from within. Say no more?

Aside from the wool itself, the features that our baby products offer truly are a time, money and effort saver – just what you need! So, take it from the experts, here are your must-have baby essentials…

Natural Australian Lambskin Play Rug

Our new Natural Australian Lambskin Play Rug takes comfort and cosiness to a new level for your littlest loved one. Perfect for cribs, bassinets, playpens or seats, our Play Rugs are approximately 80-90cm in length, and an ideal way to soothe and comfort your baby. With soft and cosy wool, the wool's naturally dense yet flame retardant fibres provide a calming texture like no other. Sanitised for added protection, machine washable and tumble dryable - this rug truly is the calm amongst the storm!

Lambskin Stroller Liner

Take luxury and contentment in baby's stroller to a new level with our Lambskin Stroller Liner. Ideal for prams, strollers and baby joggers, our Liners feature a universal fitting design, and insulate against both cold and heat. Our Liners are reversible with a cotton backing, are made from 30mm Australian lambs' wool pile, and are fully machine washable. Our Liners are crafted from the most luxurious, dense and silky lambskins of Australia and are an absolute must-have!


Available in 17 colours and handcrafted using only the finest Australian Merino wool, our Sheepskin Flatbears are recommended by health experts as natural, plush sleep comforters and as transitional objects during times of separation from a parent.

So whether baby will arrive in summer or winter, spring or fall, sheepskin baby and toddler accessories are the perfect way to welcome the littlest loved one into the world and make sure their first few years are as comfortable and cosy (in Australian sheepskin) as can be!

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