How to Wear our Ultra Mini Boots

If you resisted the urge to download TikTok during the many lockdowns that have occurred over the past two years - firstly, kudos to you. Secondly, you may have missed the craze revolved around the now highly coveted Classic Ultra Mini boots.


ultra mini uggs


The shorter sheepskin boot has made a comeback, with influencers flocking to TikTok to show how they style these boots in bite-sized videos. Believe it or not, some are even taking matters into their own hands - using a pair of scissors to transform the height of their taller versions of the boot.

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But only up to your ankles which is all you’ll need during the transition from winter to spring. Let our Ultra Mini boots keep your toes snug during those frosty mornings! These babies feature:

  • A-Grade double face Australian Merino sheepskin
  • Replaceable sheepskin innersoles 
  • An outdoor sole for comfort, strength and durability
  • An average boot height of 10cm

Since we handmake all our boots right here on the Gold Coast in Australia to order, we never run out of stock! 

Without further adieu, let us show you some of our favourite ways to wear the Classic Ultra Mini sheepskin boots. 

A Jean-ius combo 

This combo is no jeans + jogger situation, this is the real deal. Wear your best pair or wide-leg, flare or straight jeans for an effortlessly cool look. We're obsessed!

ultra mini ugg boots

Casual mode: ON 

The ultimate loungewear 'fit. We might be a little bias, but we don't think any track set is complete without a trusty pair of sheepskin boots. Run errands in comfort or kick back around the house in this ensemble.


ultra mini boots


Dress to Impress

Okay, we know sheepskin boots have a reputation for being a 'casual' shoe, but hear us out. Pair your boots with a pair of trousers and your favourite coat and it will look like you've got your life together. The Classic Ultra Minis make it easy to break outside of the box. 



Time is of the essence! Order your Women's Classic Ultra Mini boots or Men's Classic Ultra Mini boots now for the winter. 

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