What sheepskin boots should I buy?

If you’re thinking about buying a pair of sheepskin boots, you’re probably wondering what to look for to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. A good quality pair of sheepskin boots will last you for years to come, so before you purchase, there’s 5 key things you should consider to ensure you choose the perfect pair of sheepskin boots.


Country of Origin

More than 96% of sheepskin boots are made in China, so if you’re after genuine Australian made boots, you’ll want to pay particular attention to where the boots you’re looking at were made. Australian made sheepskin boots are without a doubt the best choice when purchasing sheepskin boots – and not just because they were invented here. Unlike other boots that are mass-produced in factories overseas, every single pair of our boots are made by hand and individually picked over by our quality control team before they’re given the tick of approval to be sent to our customers around the world. Always check for the sew in label (inside the boots), or the details on the online listing to see where the boots you’re looking at were made.


The Finer Details

If you’re investing in a pair of sheepskin boots, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the quality you’re paying for. Check the boots over, paying particular attention to things like strands of glue around the sole of the boots (there should never be any visible glue on or around the sole but these are sometimes even visible on some brands’ product images online), loose threads, and small holes, scratches and marks in the suede. If any of these manufacturing faults or oversights is present, the boots probably aren’t the quality you’re after.


Thickness of Sheepskin

Some boots retail for less than it costs to purchase enough A-Grade quality sheepskin to make the boots in the first place. The reason why? Many boots are made out of an F-Grade sheepskin, which is one of the worst grades of sheepskin available, or in some cases, even from a synthetic sheepskin. These boots can feel thin and wiry and won’t provide the warmth or comfort a good pair of sheepskin boots should. All of our sheepskin boots are made from A-Grade Merino sheepskin, with a minimum thickness of 16mm. And this leads us to our next point…



If you’re looking for a bargain basement pair of sheepskin boots, be prepared to get what you pay for. Sheepskin boots are one of those things that you can buy for $20 (a mass produced, synthetic pair which are made in China and designed to last half a winter) or $220, and it can be hard to choose the price point that best reflects what you need in a pair of boots. Our sheepskin boots are made using only the best quality sheepskin, in our workshop in Australia, where our working conditions are high and our staff are very much appreciated. Whilst our boots can be more expensive than other imitations, the quality is not comparable to other brands (as per the reasons above), and we also offer a 12 month manufacturer’s guarantee, meaning in the unlikely case that you have a problem, we’ll be right here to sort it out for you.


Size & Fit

Be sure to purchase sheepskin that fit properly and avoid “sizing up”. All of our sheepskin boots are true to size, meaning you don’t need to change your size just because you’re buying sheepskin boots. Sheepskin boots should always be tight to start with, because they will stretch up to half a size with wear.


When you get a good pair, sheepskin boots are one of those things that just make life a little comfier and cosier, and you'll live in them through winter. So do your research using our 5 helpful tips above, and you’ll end up with a pair that will last you many seasons to come. 

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