Are sheepskin boots made in Australia?

It is a common misconception that all sheepskin boots are made in Australia. The truth is, the majority of the world’s sheepskin boots, including those sold by the American retailer know as UGG®, are actually made in Asia (in countries like China, Vietnam and the Philippines). It is possible to buy genuine, Australian made sheepskin boots, but they aren’t easy to find. 

With so many different versions of sheepskin boots on the market, it’s important to know how to choose a genuine pair of Australian made sheepskin boots and slippers. Of course, you can make sure you purchase Wild Wool™ sheepskin boots! However, if you want to know what to check for yourself, here are our simple tips. 

How do I know if my sheepskin boots at home are made in Australia?

Want to find out whether the sheepskin boots you have purchased in the past were made in Australia? Here's an easy way to check.

Simply look inside your sheepskin boots for a white, fabric sewn-in label, usually held in place by one of the side seams of the boots. Each and every pair of Wild Wool™ boots we make has a 'Made in Australia' sew-in label.

If your sew-in label says ‘Made in Australia’, congrats! You’ve purchased a genuine pair of Australian made sheepskin boots. If your sew-in label reveals a different country of origin, like China, Vietnam, the Philippines, then your existing sheepskin boots were unfortunately not made in Australia.

If there is no sew-in label at all, chances are that your boots were not made in Australia either. This is because Australian manufacturers proudly display the place of origin of their products, so if a label is missing altogether, it has likely been removed.

How can I buy Australian made sheepskin boots?

The good news is that we have been manufacturing sheepskin boots in Australia for almost 50 years. So, if you’re looking for sheepskin boots that are actually made in Australia, you’ve come to the right place! All of our sheepskin boots and accessories are available online, and we ship around the world (for free!).

With so many different versions of sheepskin boots on the market, it’s important to know how to choose an Australian made pair, and the best place to start is by checking for the sew-in label. If you are buying online, you won’t get the luxury of feeling, touching and inspecting your boots, so you’ll need to look a little harder to find any Australian made pair.

Check for information about where the manufacturing workshop is based, checked for live information about the manufacturing process, and consider the price (generally, if the price is too good to be true, it usually is).

We are an Australian family-owned company based on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, employing more than 30 staff to handcraft Australian Made boots from start to finish. With every customer that comes through our doors, we always do our very best to educate each one on how to determine which sheepskin boots they have bought or buying were made within Australia.

Are you surprised to learn that most sheepskin boots are not made in Australia? Many people are! Find out why you should care about buying Australian made

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